Fishing Regulations
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Fishing Regulations, Ontario, Canada

Careful fisheries management has made Ontario one of the premier fishing destinations in the world. Regional tourist outfitters in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources have a major stake in ensuring the quality fishing trip you enjoy today is the same or even better 20 years from now. Visiting anglers can help maintain our great fishery by practicing catch and release. This means keeping only what you need for a shorelunch and then returning all other fish to the water - especially larger fish. The Ontario fishing regulations are developed by the MNR to ensure a sustainable and fantastic sport fishery is available for all to enjoy. There is no better sense of satisfaction an angler can have than hooking into a trophy walleye, northern pike or muskie, enjoying the fight as you reel it in and then releasing the fish back into the water to be caught again.

Ontario northern pikeThe MNR has their Current Ontario Sports Fishing Regulations Summary available online for download. You can also pick up a copy where you buy your fishing license. Please remember that certain lakes may have slot sizes or possession limits that are different than those in the general regulations so always check for any exceptions that may be in place for the lake you'll be fishing. If you meet a Conservation Officer on the lake remember that he or she is there to ensure the sustainabilty of the resources we all rely on to enjoy our favourite pastime. Always have your fishing or hunting license ready for presentation and answer the Officer's questions as best you can. Conservation Officers are not there to give you a hard time so your cooperation during the checkstop will ensure a pleasant experience for both parties. In many cases the Officer may even give you information as to where the "hotspots" are located on the lake you are fishing. Ontario really is "Canada's Premier Fishing Destination". We are what we are because of our conservation ethic and excellent management of the limited resources available.

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